Customer Testimonials

“Dear HTT,

Thank you so much for you help on this. Bob and I are glad we were able to work with you. I will be sure to send people your way when I hear they are in need of some insurance.
Christina has gone above and beyond to meet the needs of our family. She has always been available to me for last minute changes and needs.
I would recommend Christina and all the staff at HTT Agency for their wonderful customer service.
It’s nice to work with people who speak to you by using your first name, it makes it more personable and that’s important.

Thank you again,”

Bob and Meg D.

“HTT Insurance has been my agency for more than 25 years. I started out with automobile insurance, and have progressed from renter’s insurance to mortgage, home, and business insurance also. I have stayed with HTT for two reasons: great people and great pricing. The products and services they offer have always been excellent, but I especially appreciate the personal touch I get when I contact their office. The staff is always professional, always courteous, and also always there to answer the telephone during business hours. HTT makes me feel that I am working with a small, hometown firm that know me personally and has my best interests in mind, and not some huge insurance conglomerate where I am just a policy number. I enjoy calling them when I have a question or a need arises. I feel like my insurance agency is a friend, one I can always count on if I need them.”

Don N.


I wanted to take this opportunity to personally thank you for the great hob you did for Robert and me on changing our auto and home insurance over to Westfield coverage with you. I have never worked with an insurance agent who is as thorough and knowledgeable as you are, nor one who is as easy to work with as you are. I feel ‘totally protected’ now. It is such a good feeling to know that someone is looking out for us in such a comprehensive way.”



I have been looking for an opportunity to let you know how I feel about the service that I have received from your agency. Each time I call your office, you are always friendly and professional. You are very trustworthy. My husband handles the insurance and he feels very confident in the information and knowledge that you have provided. He is a bit of a skeptic, so to get him to have faith in someone means a great deal! HTT is an agency that we can trust. Trust means so much in this day and age.”

Michelle M.


My husband and I switched insurance companies about a year ago. You have taken such good care of us. I have spoken to you more in the past year than I did our last agent in the 9 years that we were with him. Whenever I call you for a change in our quote, you respond in a quick and professional manner. There have been a few instances where I called you and told you we were just thinking about buying a new car or buying a boat and we just wanted to see what the cost would be. You not only gave us a quote but you were very happy to do so. We have been very please with you as our new agent and will recommend you to all of our family and friends!”



You provide exceptional customer service and at the end of the year, I want to thank those people who do that for us. Believe me when I say that very few cards get sent – not because we’re stingy, but because exceptional customer service is so very rare to come by, especially for small companies like us.”

Els W.

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