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Optometrist Insurance

There’s nothing like the ability to see clearly. It helps us to be prepared for what’s coming – it allows us to identify problems and respond. We know you spend your livelihood helping to make things clear for your customers. At HTT, our goal is similar – we aim to make insurance coverage clear and outline a plan that will work for your optometry business.

Because we have a special interest in small and mid-sized businesses, (did you know that agency president Tom Tasset often works with local businesses in the tri-state area?) adding this coverage is a natural extension of HTT’s offerings.

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As your customers rely on you to make their vision come into focus, we know you rely on us to help you clearly define what your business owner’s policy should look like. We’ll help you structure a specific plan to protect your office, its contents, and your employees against perils like fire and theft as well as offering protection against liability claims, including the legal costs incurred in fighting a claim. If someone is injured at your office, whether the injury is related to a procedure at your office or someone accidentally takes a fall, you’ll want to have a policy in place that ensures medical expenses are covered.

You may have other questions or concerns as well. For instance, do you need to add professional liability insurance? Would you benefit from “cyber liability” coverage to safeguard your practice in the event of a data breach? Are you personally covered if you’re acting as a member of a professional medical association at a health care facility? What happens if your company advertising unintentionally brings about lawsuit or you make a statement on public TV or radio that causes harm to your business? With more than half a century of experience in the industry, HTT Agency is committed to keeping an eye out for your best interest. Give us a call today.