Celebrate Life!

from HTT Agency

by Tom Tasset on Sep 04, 2015

Many years ago I was at a funeral for the mother in law of a close friend of mine.  While at the funeral, I overheard a conversation that my friend and his wife were trying NOT to have with a man that I knew was in the insurance business.  He was trying to set up an appointment with them to talk about buying life insurance from him.  He used the funeral as his selling tool.  I was ashamed, for that moment, of the business that I was in.

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month.  I just found that out.  I sell life insurance…and I didn’t know that until yesterday.  I don’t know who started it…probably that pushy life insurance salesman at the funeral.  I like this approach much better.

Many of you may not know that we sell life insurance.  Not only that, but the companies we represent have some of the best products and pricing that you’ll find anywhere.  So we may ask you…the next time we talk…if we can provide you information on life insurance.  Happy Life Insurance Awareness Month!

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