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New Business Insurance

Launching a new business brings excitement, anticipation, and celebration. The culmination of dreams and hard work, it’s the point at which it all comes together.

Obviously, this type of venture also involves risk. You don’t want all of your work to fail because you’re not prepared to catch what the world hurls at you. Thankfully, when it comes to new business insurance, you can feel secure knowing that our expertise has been around for decades.

Our Insurance Partners

For more than 50 years, we’ve served customers throughout the Cincinnati tri-state area and become a legend in customer service. In fact, HTT Agency has been recognized by several insurance companies for our “model book of business.” You see, we know that providing great service to both clients and the insurance companies produces a key element of good business – strong, reliable relationships. Those are the types of relationships you’d like to create with your clients. In fact, our own president Tom Tasset encourages entrepreneurs and business owners every week on his radio show on 55KIRC, where he shares business strategies and wisdom. (If you’re interested in Tom’s advice, you can listen to podcasts at

We realize that, as part of insuring a start-up, you’re going to have questions – potentially LOTS of ques-tions. We expect that, in fact, we welcome it. There are so many variances in business that it can be tough to wade through all the choices and options, like whether property insurance falls under your realm (or if it’s your landlord’s responsibility), or whether your personal assets would be in jeopardy if your company faces a liability claim. We’ll help you weigh the option of adding coverage for “errors and omissions” or professional liability insurance. We’ll discuss the protection an umbrella policy would add to your business, or if it even makes sense to add one at all.

Let us help you build a solid start-up plan, and that will leave you the time to manage your new endeav-or with full peace of mind. Then you’ll be free to begin building lasting bonds with your customers—ones that will keep them coming back.