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As a builder, your job is so much more than a job. You make people’s dreams come true. Your customers trust you not just with the structure you’re building, but with their visions of the future.

As a business owner, we know you want to protect your investments. You’re responsible for the materials, the property, and the people who come together to deliver on your customers’ dreams. At HTT Agency, we recognize that you need to safeguard your reputation as much as your employees and equipment.

Contractors’ liability insurance helps to protect your business from something as simple as someone falling on the job site to something as monumental as extensive water damage caused by faulty plumbing. If a subcontractor accidentally drops a tool that harms a co-worker or someone falls off a ladder, you can rest assured that you’re covered for claims involving injury. Workers compensation coverage can be added to further cover “on the job” injuries to your employees or to any subcontractors who may be uninsured.

Also a key component, builder’s risk policies safeguard you from weather-related damage like wind, hail, or lightning while also protecting the property from fire, theft, or vandalism while construction is ongoing. Let’s say someone accidentally crashes their car into a structure you’re building – builder’s risk insurance can be written to protect you from this kind of peril as well.

You can insure your tools of the trade, too. Ask about adding coverage for all your tools as a whole or creating specified coverage for a particularly valuable piece of equipment.

At HTT, we use our reputation to help you protect yours. In fact, building for the future is part of our heritage. Our very own president Tom Tasset can often be found working in the older parts of Cincinnati’s tri-state area helping to revive older districts and breathing new life into the city that has supported HTT Agency for more than 50 years.

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